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This site is dedicated to my thoughts as I buzz through my normal day. They might be on past experiences, they might be on things happening at that moment, and they will all be honest.

I post to many of sites, all with certain agendas or controlled content formats. This site carries non of that. The hope there will be something here you will find you can walk away with feeling better informed or at least a different opinion you may not have considered.

“What’s with the links and banner ads?” you ask.

I will put links in posts to additional information where I can. From time to time, those might be affiliate based where if you buy from that provider they will pay me for the referral (usually a silly small percent but that is more than I had before you bought on my recommendation). I do not link nor allow banner ads to anything I have not personally bought and used myself… period! Referrals are the only income stream for me on this site and those only to what interests me, no automated mass link lists – other than the Google Ads links at the end of each article. This really is just a site for me to speak out on my thoughts. Drop me a note with the below form if you want to tell me your thoughts – Thanks!

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