How the ‘Others’ Keep Our Spirit Alive

I’m not sure of the ‘alive’ part in the title… still working on what is ‘alive’.

When the ‘Others’ discovered us, it was too late to move anyone off to another planet before the catastrophy. So, our feelings, thoughts, passions… and DNA where put into a place to continue to live and advance. What we would think of being in a computer program. Everyone continues about their daily lives and making an impact on the whole but there is no real moving parts of the ‘humans’ moving around a planet in space. Here we continue till a new home is found that is suitable to maintain our life functions.

A few questions come to mind. If this message is still here in the morning, is that because the ‘program’ allows us to figure out the truth or because it missed this small thread of reality thought? If we destroy ourselves through war or excesses, do the ‘Others’ let us die because we would have on our own planet thus ending the program or will they reboot us? When the planet was ending it’s life (Astroid impact? Sun expansion?) did they get to earth in time to take actual samples for the program or are we data via being watched from very far away? If from far far away, is our existence for the program based only on stray TV/Radio waves being picked up or actual human ‘being’ structure?

How do we prove or disprove any of this? Since we are being kept ‘alive’ to move forward with our lives, when a suitable planet is found will the ‘Others’ create the world where we left off? Where the program is at that point? Or start over with no history but as we were when it was just a planet of no technology?

While we think this through… who is going to pick this up to be a best seller or make a movie from it?