I make recommendations through project success

I received a few emails from friends after they read my post about my not doing endorsements. To keep with full exposure on this site, I thought I might explain how/where I speak to the value of folks which they can use to their advantage to promote themselves as needed.

As you may have started to understand. I have a full time ‘job’ working for a larger corporation which had many years back brought me on to assist with several open issues. Having closed those out, I have stayed on to help put out fires and creating new solutions. Along with the ‘day job’, I maintain my software business and do a variety of other ventures with individuals and groups of individuals. Occasionally the need arises for me to partner with other companies as well.

Because there is many more ideas and opportunities than there are hours in a day, I have to select projects and partners very carefully. Many ideas never make it past the initial outline and planning stage. More than three quarters of my projects requiring finding key individuals to partner with. People with talents outside of my own and who will share the passion in a project can be a difficult last mile that can cause a project to never become a working reality.

When the team comes together, the ideas are flowing, people go off and do their part and we roll out something we are proud of. I then tell the world about what incredible people I’m working with along side of promoting the project. I can understand that the location and time of the endorsement may not present a way for my partners to use as a stepping stone so I’m adding a tab to the site here. It’s light in detail right now but I will be filling the area in with past and current projects. Due to the level of secrecy around new projects that hope to be ‘first to market’, I can not go into detail on many projects in the early stages.

Several projects, like movies and books in play right now will be listed prior to going live since we always want more press for those in advance of releases.

I hope that this will provide a bit more information about the key individuals I have had successes with. Those that are strong in their fields and you would do well to partner with when the need arises.