someone is selling – someone is buying

In every situation, someone is making a sale. Even when it’s a mutually agreeable solution – at a point in the negotiation, someone is selling.

I was reminded of this as I ate breakfast this morning. My puppy sat and stared at me. She always asks for the sale. She is always ready for me to speak first. Since, who speaks first looses the advantage. A lot of classes will say that whomever speaks first ‘looses’. I don’t believe they have lost, but they have lost the upper hand.

In the case of my pup, she introduces her request for me to give her what she wants by sitting close and staring me down. She will push just a little by scooting forward just a bit or licking her lips. If she whines, she has lost the advantage because she has forced my hand to correct her. If she just stays on me with her poor puppy look (lowering the ears and tipping the head is a pretty good emotional play she can use without speaking) she might get me to do something.

I can tell her to go away. She will look down for a bit, maybe even walk away. But, she wont give up. No, this isn’t because we have fed her from the table before. It is because she wants something and is motivated to force an action out of us. She is hoping that we will go with what she wants. If we push her away, we have spoken and she has an objection to handle. She may react with a come back sad look or like I said before, she will round the table and come back at another attempt. She knows her options in advance.

In a puppy’s case, she may not have a full plan in mind but she has it in her head what she may do to get to where she wants to be in the end. Lessons learned… go in knowing what you want to be in the end. Plan on a lesser, what your willing to give up, throw always, in case things get tough. Plan, even if for a few minutes in the shower or the elevator… think who your selling to and why they may object to joining you in being a happy client. Maybe have someone else through objections at you. To make a sale, you must be able to handle every objection as smoothly and thoughtfully as possible.

With a plan in your head, you can access your pitch quickly without hesitation. Allowing a short elevator ride with someone that you just met and appear to need what you have becomes a possible sale. You have seconds to handle objections, know what they may be going in. Lowering your ears is handling the objection, whining looses the sale.