See and Hear 3D


When thinking about seeing and hearing in 3d, I’m not talking about a 3D movie or a picture in the mall that seems to jump out at you. I am referencing the effect of a ‘full’ experience, a robust experience that has depth and size. Today I would like to talk a bit about experiences you step wether it is what you see or hear.

From an early age, I noticed that while I enjoyed many different bands, some seemed to do more than distribute music and lyrics to enjoy. When you listed to these small group of bands, their songs appear to be fuller and more well developed. This was true with all types of music, whether it be classical or pop rock. A group that really stood out was Pink Floyd. Their music creates a wrapper that your mind steps into. 

Pink Floyd is the music I listen to when I need to write or do some unique thinking on a spreadsheet/project plan. You can sing along if your into that, but mostly the music fills the area in your head between your ears rather than being pushed at you like a recording of a band on a stage.

If you have a chance, Pink Floyd produced a DVD a couple years ago (Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon 2003) that has a lot of extra video interviews. The mixing of bits and pieces, altered here and there to create music that comes together as music with depth. Sure, many people feel that in order to get this level of music you remove the natural talent of the musician. I agree if your talking Jazz or Blues, where your not looking for the depth. 

It has been said that it takes five to ten years to appreciate a Stanley Kubrick movie. Continue reading See and Hear 3D