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Occasionally I get questions about the projects I’m currently working on. I will start posting a high level progress on public projects here. For projects with partners, if they give permission, I will list their names.


Systems are currently in development which will be outlined here when closer to release. In progress are projects in the area of AR and Cloud processing which include support of iOS and Android devices.


Easton’s Article (Executive Producer) now being distributed as Router

Director – Tim Connery
Producers – JEB Metzger/Tim Connery
Line Producers – Suzie Wright/Lisa Nachtman
Cinematographer – Jackson Cooper Gango
Editor – Michael Zak
Casting Director – Lara Davis

Movie Site

The tragic death of his childhood friend Tom is something that Easton Denning has never been able to accept. They both walked across the frozen Mississippi but only Easton made it back. Now it’s 1997, and Easton, in his 40s, has been obsessively tracking the growth of the ‘world wide web’ phenomenon since it’s establishment. It isn’t until Easton stumbles across a disturbing omen buried within the information landscape that he is forced to confront his life choices in order to try and save himself from a mysterious death. Fusing sparse science fiction elements with a character driven drama, “Easton’s Article” is meant to be an allegory of compartmentalization and coping during times of great emotional stress and trauma. It seeks to demonstrate how unresolved conflicts mold and manipulate us until the day we die.

First trailer is now available for viewing.

If These Knishes Could Talk (Executive Producer)

Director: Heather Quinlan
Writer: Heather Quinlan
Stars: Amy Heckerling, Pete Hamill and Nick Raio
If The Knishes Could Talk Official Site

The story of the New York accent, as told by New Yorkers.
From Atlantic Ave. to Zerega Ave., word on the street is the New York accent is disappearing — a casualty of a city that’s evolved into a vast expanse of banks, H&Ms and glass-blown high-rises. But even though you may not hear “toity-toid and toid” in Manhattan, you can still hear strains in Bensonhurst, Whitestone or Tottenville. Or you can have a look-see through our film. We’ve gathered some accent experts, official and non, to weigh in on what it means to tawk the talk in a city that may be slowly trying to quiet the noise.

Other movie projects I’m proud to say I’m part of –

Henri 2.0

Written and Directed by Eli Sasich
Produced by Jefferson Richard and Dominic Fratto
Starring Keir Dullea and Margot Kidder

Official Movie site

Hundreds of years in the future, a derelict spacecraft, controlled and powered by a human brain, floats aimlessly in the outer reaches of space. HENRI, the name of the ship’s power system, is an acronym which stands for Hybrid Electronic / Neuron Responsive Intelligence, and was the first of Earth’s Neuro-Tech space exploration research vessels. Trapped in the cold, mechanical prison of the vessel, the “brain,” which has no recollection or concept of self, gradually begins to experience disjointed images of its former life—images it cannot understand. Carrying the remains of a crew long dead, and becoming increasingly self-aware, HENRI experiences the instinctual desire to be free. Yearning for freedom and yet unable to move, the brain devises a plan to build itself a mechanical body from parts of the ship. Maybe then it will understand the images it is seeing—maybe then it will feel alive.

Growing up with Gadgets (Producer)

Director: Casey Kanode
“A film that hopes to investigate how technology usage in children’s lives can be shaped in multiple ways. Some child psychology experts have suggested that too many video games and too much technology is impacting how children interact with their environment and how they learn.”
First 6 minutes video



Bridgetown  (completed, published)

Zeb Andrews Photography

Portland, Oregon is a city defined by the rivers that run through it. Therefore, it is not surprising how heavily the city’s bridges influence the lives of all those living there. Those bridges connect the diverse social as well as geographical factions of the city, offering routes for buses, trains, cars, bicycles and pedestrians. Giving tourists destinations to remember and artists places to be inspired. The bridges even offer home and shelter to the homeless. This book is an appreciation of all that, and then a bit more.

Web sites:

Yes… I’m that guy on those 18 blogs, typing away every day.


More of the photography fun to follow. Currently, I’m working on a large variety of vintage film cameras. Each are cleaned with many upcycled to modern bits where possible. It is a great excuse for me to be able to shoot with a very large variety of cameras every week. Of course, vintage Polaroids is in the mix. The work results are both creating cameras for others to jump into classic photography and adding content to several books in progress.


To pay for my love of vintage cameras, I repair and upcycle cameras, many are then sold. Of course, every one has to be tested by taking out and shooting several rolls through them. A great excuse to have fun with classic photography.

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