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Generating Income At Conferences By Providing What I Need

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While this post is directed at the company putting on an event, it could be used by any company showing on the floor too. The thought is simple but seems to be getting missed now that the world has gone digital, away from paper handouts.

What seems to have gotten lost in the move to digitally distributed information is a previous day summary. In the 80s, we would walk into the SEMA show and pick up a printed outline covering the highlights of yesterday. It was short bursts of information, a paragraph or two at the most, giving a taste of what was said in each presentation. Generally, it has ads intermixed throughout.

I can hear convention and conference providers now, “We have an app for the event that is updated regularly”. That is nice, but I don’t want an app that grows in size, has the information locked inside and makes me tap around to find what I’m interested in. I need a quick PDF style file that I can download on the way to the event or as I walk in. It tells me some points of interest for each of the talks and/or product announcements, so I know if I need to hunt that speaker/company down. 

I would expect a link or two on each article which takes me to things like the recipes of a item created at a talk, handouts from the individual presentations, perhaps a chapter of a book or a mini catalog of services/products. All of which, I would accept a bit of marketing in. All of which, are mini up-selling opportunities. 

The authors of the daily ‘handout’ need to remember when writing each highlight that I will most likely pass the file onto others that can’t make it to the event. It is a great way for me to keep others informed on what was covered as well to introduce friends and coworkers to items they may be interested in. For the event provider, they have now expanded their reach beyond the people on the floor. 

Who can write this? Every event presentation should have an employee of the event provider at each talk to make sure things are going smooth or recording it, they can hit on the high points. If those folks aren’t the best writers, have each send their quick text back to the office where an individual can assemble the overall document. Worse case, though an option, is having the speaker put a overview together. I say worse case as this usually looks too much like a sales pitch. Don’t forget the links to related items and up-sell mentions.

No, this is not something new, it is just something that got dropped on the floor in everyone’s rush to have a mobile app. Forgetting that sometimes a single location of information becomes more trouble to use than many individual points of only things I’m interested in.

Distribution method? An automated NFC and AirDrop of course, which I can cover how to do in a near future post. Till then, just have a short URL to a page listing days and download links. I’ll remember that and grab the document in the taxi ride first thing in the morning.