Real or spy movie stuff?

This could just be something we will see in a future spy movie or novel, but why not in the real world? Agencies could use FedEx or other delivery systems to get surveillance gear into a house or haul your insurgence team right up to the front door. We have long seen where professional killers will knock on the door disguised as a mailman, and only a few times a flower delivery gent. The mail delivery person as a lone individual and the flower truck is usually a small van.

In the case of a major delivery service, those are usually pretty good size trucks and no one questions one of them pulling up, right into the driveway.

There may be some concerns about future FedEx delivery people being shot at when the word gets out they could be working for a private or government agency so I’m sure that company wouldn’t be happy to have their name used. How about “FedRex”?

Getting surveillance equipment into a house could be done as a package delivered to the door instead of a midnight black ops team having to get inside and plant hidden devices. Just deliver that clock that the residence just ‘won’. Some effort to hide the mic or camera between layers of the casing will need to be done in case the receiving party wings it against a wall and it cracks open. Generally though, the box or device will end up somewhere in the house even if the ‘gift’ wasn’t expected. Play the explanation right and it could end up on the main room’s shelf for a bird’s eye view.

Do with the idea as you please, I know I for one will be putting all unexpected packages on the back porch so other ideas I don’t write about aren’t overhead through a random magazine special anniversary clock that was just delivered to my front door.