The other way the future is changed forever

There has been several stories, books and movies, where the US is turned upside down by a plane flying into a major political gathering. Ending that complete level of government at least for the while of getting new representation in from other states. Even though the spots can be billed though, the mind set and flow is broken till the new group comes up to speed. Most likely, taking the future in a different direction.

A friend pointed me to a article on TechCrunch talking about a get together that the President did. Inviting many of the top minds in high tech to chat and have lunch. From their post: “the star studded invitee list included Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, Cisco’s CEO John Chambers, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Genentech Chairman Art Levinson; Google CEO Eric Schmidt; former state controller and venture capitalist Steve Westly Doerr, and Stanford University President John Hennessy. The event was held at Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr’s home.

What if a plane hit that room? Politicians are representatives of a state or country. They have been elected to help get done what is best for us and do the arguing and reasoning for us. The tech group in the lunch do not do that. They are where they are now because the think outside of the box. And then, they convince others to see the vision, encouraging people to go beyond their limits to create the future. They are driven by their idea, building their business and creating something great. Most importantly though, they are gifted at taking their vision and getting others to join in.

Due to their thinking, we no longer have the need to have an agent in a bar in Cuba, getting people excited. Now, a individual on the street can spread the word of an injustice they just saw to millions with only a couple taps. Never once actually speaking to anyone, their message is gathered by others and spread around the world. Of course, like whispering in someone’s ear, the message can get twisted to an individual’s own purpose. Beyond the few unexpected paths, the real message is received, people gather, and a government changes. Or, a business will win or loose.

Whether we are talking about the device the person used or the system that others joined in together to make a difference, they are both creations of someone in that room’s idea being ‘sold’ to others to build on. If any of those, or worse, all of those in the meeting stopped coming to the office tomorrow, the world will change it’s direction forward. There are people that are good at giving speeches and those that are good at coming up with ideas. The group in the room are particularly good at coming up with ideas with others and pushing them to become our reality mind set going forward.