Apartment Managers, rethinking communications – A Big Picture Project

There is an apartment get together this weekend… I know because there was a color paper flyer on our door. At the end of the month, I get an email from another company offering the opportunity to pay rent online. And today I did a USPS tracking to find out my Pebble arrived a few days ago, delivered to the complex office. Some sort of communication would have been nice.

The apartments have tenant’s cell phone numbers. Perhaps a bit of software is needed.

How about a list of apartments with tags to sort by. Choose the apartment address or group of apartments, enter the text (HTML via WYSIWYG) and hit send. A very easy solution to get the word out about a neighborhood party. A quick reminder for folks to pick up after their dogs would be nice. Each household could have one or several cell numbers to send the messages to so everyone is aware they need to set the date for those pool parties. Why not have the calendar link included in the text so adding to a person’s cell calendar is as simple as a tap?

Jumping on board with PayPal would be the next step. Both a link in the text ‘pay rent online’ and a iPhone card swiper in the office. Finally, I could get rid of my checkbook!

There is nothing magical about all of this. There are services that will send the text messages (Google App?), it just needs a apartment management user interface. Who wants to build that, every complex big and small needs it!