Bonnie saving me room on my Tivo

Great news, Bonnie Hunt has helped me with my Tivo getting full problem.

Bonnie’s show is on mid week days. Since I am not able to be in the home office every day,I have the show set on series record.

I have appriciated her humor for many years. While her normal movie rolls are as a mom, friend or sister – when she does a TV show she can really improve with the best. Her previous show, by the same name as her current show, was a sitcom instead of a real talk show like now.

Monday, she really took me and her live audience by surprise. Her guest was the Bachelor from the most recent show. He was presenting himself as a pawn of the producers. He was directed to do his break up on their special after last show event. He really isn’t very believable.

But, Bonnie lowered herself below his level. She started off with cutting comments and questions. He kept smiling and answering. She kept on him till the commercial break. When they returned, she returned to her tact. Jump to conclusions and on the attack. The action you would expect from a hard core reporter getting to the facts in an interview of a corrupt politician.

The audience was supportive in the beginning, but after the second round of rough comments, they had turned to uncomfortable chuckles. Finally, ending with no audible reactions. The camera didn’t do the usual pans of the audience or of Bonnie’s support staff.

Bonnie wrapped up the show by letting him know that his original pick was better off not being with him. Then, got a last one in by warning his girlfriend, Molly, that he hasn’t changed and will dump her too.

Wow! Bonnie just might have a little baggage in her life that she is bringing into her show. Sad. Lucky for me, I can vote for what shows should be on the air by watching or not. In this case, the Tivo schedule for the Bonnie Hunt show has been turned off. I wish her all successes in life, no need for me to have her issues pushed upon me. Onward…